5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Handheld Shower

Have you ever imagined how much of water you use in a shower on a daily basis? No?

On an average, a standard shower uses 62 liters of water is used in an eight-minute shower and up to 136 liters in case of power showers. A big reason to worry about water conservation. Since we cannot suddenly change our lifestyle but we can bring some changes to improve it.

Switching to a handheld shower can make a difference not only in water conservation but in ease also. They are more flexible and efficient.

Here are some great reasons why you have a need to change your standard shower.

Usable For All Age Groups

More flexibility in these handheld showers make it convenient for all age groups. So if you want to give a shower to your pet, want to help your child in bathing or if there is an aged person in the family, these showers can be a great help. Handheld showers are connected with a long hose which is adjustable in terms of height.

People who use a shower seat due to any physical setback, a handheld is an appropriate choice for cleaning the body parts easily. While with other standard showers it is difficult to clean, especially the lower part of the body.

Water – Conservation

Water conservation is the major factor why a handheld shower is necessary. As discussed above, a large of amount of water is wasted when you go for a regular shower. With other showerheads, you need to stand under it and most of the water goes unused, while you can use a handheld directly on the areas you want.

This is not only helpful in conserving water but also save your water bills (more savings).

Handheld Shower 1


Give A Shine To The Shower

Not just your body needs cleaning, but your shower walls too. Soap scum and mildew become a headache when it comes to scrubbing. With regular shower heads, mildew and water stains are very common on the walls of a washroom, thus cleaning becomes little difficult. While with handheld showers you can easily wipe out the stains whenever you feel like and can work as a helpful cleaning equipment for regular washing.

Easy To Maintain

In case of any leakage or breakage, you don’t have to wait for someone to come and do the repairing. Because a handheld shower is so accessible, you can easily fix the problem. Installing a handheld is way more advantageous than other regular showers. Since you can easily reach to the shower without any support, so cleaning and mending become an effortless task and thus they are the top rated shower heads.

Spa At Your Home

What else do you want when you can get a good spa experience in your home? With handheld showers, you can get best of comfort and flexibility. Most of them provide a massaging option which becomes a perfect choice for relaxing after a workout. With a handheld shower, you can directly use water to those hard to reach areas which can be difficult with a regular shower. In fact, you can keep both your hands-free (whenever you feel like) by simply placing the showerhead back to the holder.

Handheld Shower 2

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